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Growing Units

High Density Growing

The Vertical Growing System (VGS) is a simple, clean and cost-effective rapid fresh produce growth system. The VGS is scalable and can be configured to suit the local demand for fresh food and can be sized to fit virtually any space parameters in any location.

Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, and Grains can be harvested easily and continuously. The system utilises a rotating shaft or ‘stem’ supporting the plants arranged in bio-degradable grow bags to provide measured quantities of light and nutrient for rapid growth. The crop mix can be determined locally and with a typical ‘seed to pick’ growth cycle of between two and six weeks, a continuous cycle can be established over say 30 days. The Vertical Growing System benefits from:


Rapid growth cycles and responsive to consumer demands through multiple crop options grown simultaneously.

Guaranteed availability of fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables.

High nutritional values and superior taste typical of organically grown produce.

Ensures food security.

Eradicating food miles completely.


Removes supply chain issues and challenges.

Food production without the normal reliance/overuse of natural resources.

Overcomes land management inefficiencies and poor cultivation practices.

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